Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yoga Poses - Four Simple Poses For Fast Stress Relief

Are you looking for stress relief? Yoga is a great help. You can get great results from even 10 to 15 minutes of yoga per day. Here are several simple poses which will calm and relax you, instantly.

1. Mountain Pose Helps You to Center Yourself

The basic yoga pose is mountain pose, but because this pose is so simple many yoga enthusiasts tend to overlook its power. Mountain pose is an essential pose for stress relief.

Try it. Stand in mountain pose, making sure that your body is correctly aligned. Your weight should be balanced on both feet with the weight distributed between the balls of your feet and the heels. Breathe evenly, without straining, and remain in this pose with your eyes shoulders and neck relaxed for five full breaths.

How do you feel now? You feel better don't you? Mountain pose has an amazing effect, and the biggest benefit is that you can use this pose wherever you are.

2. Forward Bends Give You a New Perspective

Forward bends are relaxing. They have an even more relaxing effect than mountain pose. Get up from your desk, and find some space.

Begin in mountain pose, then bend forward at your hips and let your head hang freely. Stay in your forward bend for five full breaths. Now come back up into mountain pose. No matter how stressed you are, you'll find that the forward bend has relaxed you. This is a great pose if you're nervous. It will calm you down before you give a presentation, or just before an interview with your boss.

3 and 4. Upward and Downward Facing Dog Revitalize Your Spine and Build Your Courage

Upward and downward facing dog are basic yoga poses which you'll learn in any beginners' yoga class. These are two essential poses which you should do every single day. They have a wonderful effect in revitalizing your mind and body, and in eliminating stress. This is because these two poses manipulate your spine in beneficial ways.

Your entire nervous system relies on the health of your spine. All nerves originate from the spinal cord, therefore a healthy spine means that you will handle stress well and that your whole system will be in harmony.

Practice these two poses every day, either in the morning or in the evening; just spend five breaths in each pose. Whenever you're under stress, consider yoga first. You can count on yoga to be your primary stress management tool; just ten minutes a day of yoga can make a big difference in your life.

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