Monday, April 06, 2009

Yoga in Practice - Manifest the Law of Attraction

Yoga has been called, or explained as, many things. There are many forms of Yoga, but all of them lead to clarity in our senses of judgment. Granted, there are some of us who do not listen to logical advice, but with age, comes the wisdom to absorb ideas, which become clearly apparent.

Yoga allows each of us to see the hidden truths in life. When something is clearly revealed to the mind, it seems as if we should have been able to see an obvious truth all along. Yet, some will say that life is a matter of lucky coincidences. Is life just a matter of being in the right place and time, or do we miss opportunities on a daily basis?

There is no luck involved, when our minds are trained to focus on the power of attraction. If we truly want to make a change, we must take the first step toward realization of a new path, which was not seen before. It's time to look at life with an open mind. Opportunities are always around us; especially if we program our minds to look for them.

This is why the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, attained during Yoga practice, is so valuable. Many people practice Yoga on the physical level, for years, without self-awareness. Then one day, they realize they have gone through a massive transformation since the beginning of practicing Yoga.

The benefits such as stress management, anger management, empowerment, and self discipline, have slowly transformed one's personality and character with long- term Yoga practice. So what does transformation and self-realization have to do with the Law of Attraction?

For most of us, we may attain a finite state of awareness, but it is enough to realize that we must act on opportunities when they present themselves. It is not enough to for us practice wishful thinking. Focused thinking is more powerful, but it must be followed up with action.

Therefore, the Law of Attraction may attract situations where precise action is needed. This leads us to action and the Law of Karma, which is also known as the Law of Cause and Effect. A trained mind can recognize an opportunity that may not be apparent to one who sees the dark side of everything.

A trained mind realizes that there is a "window of opportunity" for action to take place; for any action we take, will be answered by an equivalent reaction.

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